Friday, October 28, 2011

Rules are only to be obeyed in Mr Barlow agrees with them!

The latest scribblings from Macclesfield's least consistent hack are here:


Mr Barlow seems to have problems with children keeping to the school rules here.
Presumably the boy was aware of the rules before he started selling junk food.
We wonder what other school rules would Mr Barlow be happy for someone to break?

Mr Barlow also seems to have overlooked the fact that shools are there to educate children, and that should include how to live healthy and long lives.
Popularity has never been the  prime factor in deciding what schools shoul do; would Mr Barlow would be happy for the school to drop mathematics and history in favour of X-box and iPad lessons? They would presumably be more popular that the former!

Pewrhaps he will contribute here and share his thoughts with us. Watch this space.

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