Friday, October 28, 2011

Football confusion

This is the article in the recent edition of the Express.  It is poorly thought out and researched, even by Mr Barlkow's well know low standards!

Are there other children in the playground by any chance? You know, smaller kids? Kids not involved in the football? Kids who don't want to be hit with footlballs when they are doing something else? Kids who don't want to be hit on the head by someone else's football?

There is a considerable body of research on injuries to young children in the playground; a few seconds with Google  suffices to find plenty.

We are not just talking about a few knocks and bruies here but things like brain damage.

Presumably she hasn't banned real footballs on the football pitch, but just where there may be a risk to other people.

The Ofsted report on the school is interesting:

"The headteacher has had an enormous impact on quality and standards in the school since she took up her post. She has secured the well-being of staff and pupils and established clear and effective structures for leaders and managers to monitor and evaluate the school's work. This has led to significant improvements in pupils' attitudes and the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Combined with the exceptional pastoral care provided, the impact on progress and standards is rewarding. The school's commitment to inclusion ensures that pupils are cared for and supported equally whatever their particular needs. Governors challenge and support the school well. They are strong critical partners in helping to plan its future progress. They watch over finances carefully and ensure that money is spent wisely on school improvement. Together, leaders amply demonstrate their ability to bring about good improvement and there is good capacity for the school to improve further."

Perhaps this is a head teacher to be praised.

As for:

"Far better to stay indoors on the computer learning to be a violent psychopath."

This is just silly. I suggest that we see more violence from football supporters than other groups of people in our society!

Rules are only to be obeyed in Mr Barlow agrees with them!

The latest scribblings from Macclesfield's least consistent hack are here:


Mr Barlow seems to have problems with children keeping to the school rules here.
Presumably the boy was aware of the rules before he started selling junk food.
We wonder what other school rules would Mr Barlow be happy for someone to break?

Mr Barlow also seems to have overlooked the fact that shools are there to educate children, and that should include how to live healthy and long lives.
Popularity has never been the  prime factor in deciding what schools shoul do; would Mr Barlow would be happy for the school to drop mathematics and history in favour of X-box and iPad lessons? They would presumably be more popular that the former!

Pewrhaps he will contribute here and share his thoughts with us. Watch this space.