Friday, November 5, 2010

Trolls, sock puppets and disciples

Regular viewers of the V Barlow's section on  the Macclesfield Express website will have noticed that, whenever there is criticism of Mr Barlow's views, various names pop up to atack the commenter.

So, now we have "Junior". This looks like just another version of one of the tedious sockpuppets that infest that place.

Same approach (personal attacks and no discussion of the article or opinions)  and even the same phrasing etc.

Sat 6th

Well they're still there.

There is "Four Twenty Wherever" accusing others of trolling and "Junior" with the usual bile. He can't even change the record; we now have the familiar attempt to impose his own rules on what can and can't be said.
I imagine Mr Barlow must be rather embarrassed by the actions of his disciples.

Ah, the disciples do hate anyone disagreeing with Vic, don't they.
I have no opinion on him but do disagree with some of his ideas and views. It is fascinating that there are soman that would want to stop people expressing their views about what he says.
It is certainl looks like Vic either missed the point of the article or didn't read it properly. An of the rest of you got comments on that or will there just be more ad hom attacks? It would be great to have some discussion about it.
Four twenty, perhaps you didn't understand what I wrote.  And  commenting on an article is not trolling, unless someone has a hidden agenda in suggesting it. 
Interesting isn't it  the names that crop up whenever there is an criticism of Mr Barlow's views.........