Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Express' bizarre and arbitrary censorship of posts, particularly concerning Mr Barlow, has taken an intriguing turn.
They seem recently to have been blocking any criticism of his articles and then they have let this comment appear:

note that the end of Vic Barlow’s column (who is he anyway?) is suffixed with
"The views on this page are Vic Barlow's and not necessarily those of the Express’’
Perhaps, as the publishers of this newspaper, you should be more circumspect in the
quality of journalists you employ and publish.
I was dismayed to read his recent trash leveled at Cheshire police and their charity
cricket match. It was a disgrace and shame on you for publishing such ill informed tripe.
Unlike Vic (whoever he is) I commend these men and women giving there all to precious
free time to raise such a fantastic amount of money, over £3000, for Help for Heroes.
We need more people like them.
He should be ashamed of himself for writing such a mean spirited, small minded piece of
drivel about local heroes who put there own safety on the line every day in the course of
making our towns and cities safer places to be.
Perhaps he should try a real job for a living, we can do without his offensive comments
regardless of how ‘funny’ or ironic (I doubt he is capable of this)he is trying to be.
The Police deserve our respect and support and as a local newspaper you should be giving it.
Shame on you Vic Barlow (whoever you are)! Go crawl back under whatever stone you came from.
Mrs Helen Millard

The original can be seen here: 

Maybe  things are changing.....