Monday, October 18, 2010

Mr Barlow recently produced an article which made some rather odd claims about immigration and the Government's recently imposed restrictions. The article can be seen here.

There has been some comment on the website.

Now, Mr Barlow's unevidenced opinions are being contradicted by a number of people and institutions, people and bodies who may know rather more about it then him.

So, in the interests of local debate in what claims to be a local newspaper, I attempted to post this:

There seems to be quite a lot of difference between Mr Barlow's unevidenced opinion and the thoughts of those actually affected.

See these reports from the Telegraph:

I would be interested in Mr Barlow's comments

Having repeatedly tried to get this up in the comments section today, I then received an email from somebody called Mark Richardson from  He does not say what his role is or, even , if he lives in the Macclesfield Express distribution area.

He stated:

We will not be publishing comments containing links to the Daily Telegraph as they are a competitor 

Ludicrous!  The thought of the Telegraph being in competition with a small and declining local newspaper is laughable.

So, the message is that they will allow Mr Barlow to say whatever he wants but will stop alternative points of view being put because where they can be seen.

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